Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pilgrim (tip of the hat to Eric Clapton)

Twenty eight years I've been walking,
Searching for my version of a sign.
I've been living in unquiet days,
Ever since the winter of ninety-nine.
Fourteen years I've been walking,
Alone through every crowded mile.
Went on and wasted all these years.
Learned nothing, not even an honest smile.
I thought I was heading for the river,
When I saw you kneeling upon the shore.
I thought I knew it all already,
Then Love showed me some more.
One year I've been drowning,
In the depthless waters of your gaze.
I've been a searcher for something higher,
To learn why the preacher prays.
I've found all of my answers,
Scattered in the shadow of your tears.
I've lit candles in all the shadows,
In the stairways under my fears.
My thoughts walk towards you tonight.
I'm a pilgrim for your love.
Your the light, the rain, the morning sun,
Everything that comes down from above.

My darling girl, my summer light,
My deepest sigh on a winter's night.
I sit here, a thousand miles from home,
For home is wrapped around,
Where you sit alone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nina Simone does This to Me

I hear the music in the bottles,
Smokey laughter in the air.
You're ever in the farthest corner,
Anywhere but near my chair.
Love me just a little tonight,
Before I set fire to my pride.
Look at me quickly and look away.
Like you look at me from the bedside.
I roll myself another cigarette.
And swallow another burning sip.
I'm tired of loneliness and smoking,
But I'm too tired to quit.
This city wants to eat me,
I feel it gnawing even now.
And there you are, ignoring me.
I don't know what to say. Or how.
I'm half the man I used to be.
You're twice the woman I remember.
Stop telling me you love me.
As you're leaving until December.

It comes to me like a panic,
I love you more than I'm capable of.
And it's tearing me apart, Darling,
But you've made sure I cannot stop.
There's a river called Love.
That only the drowning man can cross.
Love awaits you at the bottom.
And all the joy you've ever lost.
I'm writing poetry at a party,
I'm sinking without a sound.
I could have changed the world.
I'm smiling all the way down.
Gone is my peace of mind.
Broken lies my rhyme
Keep this heart with you.
It'll beat for no one else.
Whatever I may do.