Thursday, October 4, 2012


I was burning,
Through the night.
That long lonely night,
Far too far away.
The darkness whispered,
But I kept it at bay.
With my feeble,
Flickering light.
Through the night,
I burned.
Singing out loud,
To fill the spaces,
Around me.
Did you see me?
That little flicker,
On your busy horizon?
Did you hear me,
Singing the songs,
You used to love?
Does it burn in vain,
Each and everytime?
This bonfire made up,
Of all that's best in me.
Must I gather Hope,
Like dry sticks,
And whisper prayers,
To the tinder.
That this light I strike,
Will the be the final light.
That I have finally come,
To the final night I burn,


  1. Have been waiting for quite a while. Hope you write something soon! :)

    1. Hey! Shifted blog to Come on over