Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Hopeful Night

The night restores what the day strips away. 
I wish I could live by moon and by star light. 
Never having to show the unpleasant sun my true face. 
I wish you would reach out to me. 
Instead of waiting for me to do the same. 
And while we both wait like fools. 
An entire lifetime slips quietly away.
The night forgives what the day doesn't understand.
In dreams we live as we wished we could.
We wake and face the sun and are forced to forget.
I wish I could remain as I am while asleep.
Instead of this shell I think people prefer.
And while day holds no place for my dreams,
I see you dance for me across moonlit sands.
The night remembers what the day never learned.
While the world chips away at us,
With the meetings, the judgments, the traffic, the delays.
The night wishes only to remind me of you.
My guiding light, my morning star, my final love.
And while the days stumble on, the night holds on.
For it has foretold our fire, and how fiercely it shall burn.
The night recites the songs that I write for you.
I am merely the pen it holds in its tireless hands. 
These aren't just poems we make, they're flying lanterns.
Which I take to the edges of me and set alight.
And I watch them rise, like a stairway leading down to me.
I watch them rise, hoping their light is enough to draw you,
To the edge of you, where I wait, and to pull you through.

1 comment:

  1. Kiss this night, let the moon suggest
    How all our fears, can be laid to rest. :)

    The love and longing in this verse are breathtaking. The last five lines are unbelievably beautiful to picture and feel. And the simplicity makes it all the more endearing. I am sure the night must have blushed and smiled all night. :) You are the lover she longed for.