Monday, August 27, 2012

Coming Down

(This was written as an exercise in free form unconscious poetry.  My hands didn't stop moving until they did, and I guided them as little as possible.  I tried writing this entirely while staring out at the view from my balcony, as the wind caressed my face.  The wind you will find left her marks all over this poem.)

I went so high,
I burned every wing,
I ever imagined myself to have.
I flew so far,
Even the winds,
Seemed like strangers to me.
I thought you,
Were following beside me.
You, who chose the direction,
You wanted us to fly.
I thought you,
Would stay beside me,
Until we rested unbroken,
There at journey's end.
Now I circle the sky,
Keening my abandonment,
Exiled from all the joy,
I once found in flight.
But I remember now,
That all I need is the wind,
Wherever it may come from.
And where it may take,
I'll glide along.  I will soar.
I will learn the names of every star,
I will learn what my soul,
Was given these untiring wings for.
I went so high,
I forgot that even eagles,
Need solid ground.
I will fly again.
It's what I was made for.
Enough for now.
I went so high I forgot myself.
But I'm coming down.

1 comment:

  1. You lend a sort of charm, a sort of infinity to every feeling that I would otherwise consider very limited in its capacity to be felt.. But if you don't mind I'd be a puny critic for a little while.. The verse ascends with each passing line, it lifts up the reader..
    But the last two lines brought her down with a thud.. Can't really say what she expected.. She's poor with expressions.. Probably a gentler fall or no fall at all..a few more lines to the rescue.. Or perhaps she wasn't able to completely grasp the final idea in the poet's mind.. :)