Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unquiet Heart, Unquiet City

The smoke rises from my mouth,
Like the dust of so many dreams.
The city refuses to be still,
Like this unquiet heart of mine.
Every poem I write seems shallower,
Than all the things I need to say,
The things that keep me lonely,
So much hollower than I seem.
Smiles flit across my features,
Like distant birds across the sky.
The happiness that sat beside me,
Now refuses to look my way.
Even on the quietest days,
The chaos of this city slips,
Like a quiet knife into the bone.
There was a moment today,
I felt completely at home.
But I was too busy wishing,
For something I couldn't have.
And the moment took offense,
Grab it's purse and walked away.
I am best when I'm elsewhere,
I'm a mess in this city.
I loved you entirely,
But I can't keep on going backwards.
I'd fly away if I could,
I'd wash my hands of it all.
But I haven't touched the star,
I know I must before I fall.
I know I loved like a pretender,
I thought I'd fake my way through.
But the only thing I accomplished,
Was to become a stranger to me and you.
Every poem I write is a lie.
None hold the heart of me,
Only the smudges of it.
The meanest edges of it.
If I could say what I felt,
If I could mean what I say.
If I could tell you what I really feel,
I'd know rest at the end of the day.
Instead I sit on this balcony, writing,
Like it's something important that I do.
Like it's something that is going to keep,
All the things I locked away inside,
From bursting out and slipping through.
This isn't a poem, it's a cry for help.
It's a call to you, whom I've dreamed of,
For twenty nine years, and counting.
My heart is strong but close to cracking.
Heal me before I turn into someone else,
Some one not worthy enough for you.


  1. I hope its just a bad day and nothing else..and you'll be back to your positve self very soon.. The realization of nothingness weakens every thread of the fabric of our souls but you must believe its not are made up of such wonderful things and there is so much to look forward to..what night doesn't give way to the next morning?
    And when you call your poems a lie, you question the faith of every reader comes to this blessed place just to see if you've made this world a little more beautiful with your words.. They might not express all thats in your heart..but you can never see the entire ocean from the shore, yet the waves that come and kiss the sands are enough to let the beholder feel the vastness and depth.. You've been truly worthy of your name.. And wonderful things will happen to you.. never let go of the hope that you're made of.. Joy be with you.. :)

  2. Your literary skills are quite brilliant,and so is this particular verse.But you're too awesome to sulk(Judging by your writing of course),don't you think? Get your friends to take your sad bum out.ASAP.Or just wear a bat-suit and freak the shit out people on the streets,Mumbai could use some masala.